The Singers

Anúna was originally created by Michael McGlynn in 1987 and formed from a group of vocal and instrumental musicians. Since then the group have had over two hundred singers pass through their ranks, many of whom have gone on to carve their own careers in the music industry. One of the reasons for the continuing success of Anúna is the wide diversity of backgrounds, cultures and experiences that the singers come from.

Anúna are more a collective of musicians and singers than a choir, each one bringing their unique individual capabilities and gifts to the group. Anúna feature between twelve and fourteen people on stage at one time.

Musical Director & Manager Michael McGlynn

Corporate Performance John McGlynn

Education & Outreach Co-ordinator Lucy Champion

Singers Participating in the 2014 Season

Miriam Blennerhassett Rory Musgrave
Regina McDonald Rachel Thompson
Lucy Champion Ian Curran
Bláth Conroy Murphy Monica Donlon
Sara Di Bella Shane McCormick
Aidan Gately George Hutton
Laura Inman Dónal Kearney
Sam Kreidenweis Nick Stoppel
Zach Trouton Sara Weeda
Caitlin Frizzell Kira Rugen
Rebekah Comerford Nejc Rudel
 Fiona Flavin