The Anúna International Choral Summer School, 2013

Wednesday June 19th to Saturday June 22nd

Venue : 22 Merrion Square, Dublin, Ireland.

Featuring a team of specialist facilitators including (click on names for biographies) :

Michael McGlynn Charles Bruffy Sylvia O'Regan Dr. Stacie Rossow
Lucy Champion Dr. Laura Inman Aingeala de Burca

In the past quarter century Anúna, Ireland's National Choir, has gained international recognition as one of the world's most original choral ensembles. It is renowned for its mesmerising sound and atmospheric stage performances. Under the guidance of composer & director Michael McGlynn, Anúna has created specific and effective techniques for both solo and choral singers. These techniques are, in many ways, revolutionary and yet simple in concept.

According to Michael, this will be a unique experience for attendees :

"In 2012 Anúna celebrated its 25th Anniversary. Rather than have a celebration, we decided instead to clarify what it was that makes Anúna so unusual and unique. From mid 2012 to early this year we created a choral vocabulary which we call The Anúna Technique. While the ideas that define it are simple, they turn many accepted concepts about choral technique on their head. The beauty of this Technique is that it is as simple or as complex as you need it to be, appealing to amateurs and choral professionals equally. The isolated nature of Anúna's development has allowed us to create our own way of expressing the choral artform. The Anúna International Choral Summer School will focus on the practical application of these techniques and their associated ideas".

This year's Summer School will take place in the beautiful setting of Dublin's 22 Merrion Square. The School is suitable for solo vocalists, choral singers, composers, music educators and choral conductors. Michael McGlynn and Anúna's Education co-ordinator & choral clinician Lucy Champion will be joined by a panel of international vocal experts including multiple Grammy-Award winner Charles Bruffy and Sylvia O'Regan, Head of Vocal Faculty at the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin.

Repertoire will be supplied to learn from the Anúna catalogue and will feature in a final public performance. The content of the Summer School will include :

    • Singing workshops focussing on the physicality of singing
    • Individual and group singing lessons
    • Advanced vocal & choral techniques applied practically
    • Lectures, seminars and participatory discussions
    • Participation in a performance with Anúna
    • Analysis and performance of McGlynn's choral music.


Please send us an email HERE if you have any questions.

See below for a video made of the 2011 Summer School :