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The DVD Invocations of Ireland has just been released in the USA [August 4th 2009]. we have prepared a short promo film that gives an idea of the atmosphere of this beautiful DVD. You can now purchase this disc from this site and from here.


The Arts Show on Ireland's main radio channel RTÉ Radio One broadcast an interview with Michael on Tuesday 14th of July. Michael discusses many aspects of his work and there are extracts from the latest Anúna album SANCTUS. Listen HERE.

The Contemporary Music Centre of Ireland will feature Michael as Composer of the Month for July, and there is a YouTube video available to see of an interview given with him last week in Dublin about the show on July 17th 2009 with the NSO. See below. On the same page is a podcast of audio interviews from the same session. You can read about the performance here on the CMC site, and here on Michael's blog.



We are very pleased to announce the release of the new Anúna album SANCTUS simultaneously with our new DVD INVOCATIONS OF IRELAND.

See HERE for the special release page.

The album is available to purchase online from iTunes HERE, and will hit the streets in Ireland on July 1st and the USA on August 1st.

For a limited time you can purchase the album and DVD as a double purchase for a greatly reduced price of 21.00 euro [4 euro P&P] HERE. Both titles are available separately.

Incantations, written by Michael in the same key as his old moped, is in the news at the moment. It won the CMC Trophy at the Cork Choral Festival for PfizerPfonics [read the story here], and a brilliant version of it has been released by the German choir Kammerchor CONSONO on the album "Turn Darkness into Light". This should be available from your local Amazon or iTunes. This beautiful album is well worth the purchase.

Michael has posted a special Blog on his Wordpress site here discussing the forthcoming concert of his music at the National Concert Hall on July 17th featuring the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland and Anúna. He discusses some of the music in the concert including "Twilight" and "The Coming of Winter". Concert Tickets from here.

Anúna singer news : Helen Kearns has made it into the final 25 of the Cardiff Singer of the World competition - her heat is on Sunday June 7th - best of luck from all of us! Julie Feeney has released her long awaited new album to rave reviews. Details of pages is avaialble on her website. Well done Julie, a brilliant album.

Our good friends at ABC Classic FM in Australia are featuring Anúna all this week on their Just Classics show [May 18th]. You can listen to the show here.

John McGlynn and Maria Fitzgerald have been working on a project for some time now called Sweet June. They collaborate with a singer and produce music that is uniquely their own. In the video below, shot and edited by Michael McGlynn in Blackrock, Dublin City in April, they are joined by Anúna singer Fiona Wight. Please feel free to leave a comment on the YouTube site.

Anúna will be performing with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland for the first time on July 17th at Dublin's National Concert Hall. The concert will feature Michael's music exclusively including sections from the rarely heard "Behind the Closed Eye". This promises to be a fantastic event and you can purchase tickets from the NCH Box Office here.

John Schaefer has often featured Michael and Anúna on WNYC's legendary New Sounds radio show. In January he broadcast O Ignis Spiritus and O Maria . You can hear the entire show here. Thanks John

Anúna singer Frances Marshall is mounting an ambitious performance that she has given the title "Vatican to Vivaldi". The performance will take place on April 4th at 8pm, St Ann's Church Dublin, and features a number of Anúna singers including Michael, Miriam, Aengus and Frances herself. Michael will also act as compere for the evening. Tickets on sale here.

Michael McGlynn has set up a new blog on Wordpress. The blog will cover Michael's compositions and choral views, always guaranteed to be a good read...

Sound of the Soul is a wonderful film by Stephen Olsson that features musicians who participated in the Fés World Sacred Music Festival in 2002. The DVD has just been released and is available commercially and at It features a performance of "The Blue Bird, sung by Joanna Fagan, who is interviewed, as is Michael. Highly recommended.


Breton record label Keltia Musique have released a compilation of albums from their 30 year history - a real bargain. It features Anúna's version of "She Moved Through the Fair" - you can find out more information here.


Anúna singer Sarah O Kennedy has released "The Irish Wedding Album" featuring some beautiful sols performances recorded throughout Ireland.

You can visit Sarah's website here, or you can lisetn to and buy the album from CDBaby.

Best of luck with the release Sarah!


Deep Dead Blue was originally released in 1996, and in 2003 it was fully revised and remastered. For the first time that album is available from the major digital download providers in the form it was originally envisioned [click here for iTunes in your territory]. Unfortunately we have been unable to include the title track for contractual reasons, but that was an add-on on the original record, being a last minute addition. We think it is easily one of Anúna's finest moments. You can purchase it from our STORE as a CD from this site.

The airing of Anúna: Christmas Memories on KVIE in Sacramento was American Public Television’s highest rated show in primetime on December 22nd. Christmas Memories has been on the Billboard top twenty World Music Albums for ten consecutive weeks, a fantastic achievement considering it is only available in one store in the US - BORDERS.

The TV show of Christmas Memories has now achieved 80% broadcast coverge across the USA with the majority of broadcasts yet to come. You can see a list of the airings here. Well done to everyone concerned and a Very Merry Christmas.

Note - the Anúna Christmas Concert tickets in Dublin's St. Ann's Church are sold out.

We are delighted to launch the new Christmas Memories website here. You can purchase copies of the CD, DVD and view a special gallery. Also included is the full list of dates for our long-awaited second tour of BORDERS across the USA from November through to December. Six of our finest singers, led by John McGlynn are very much looking forward to meeting you!


Note that the Anúna Christmas Concert tickets have been released for sale here. This is one of the highlights of the Christmas season in Dublin - never publicly advertised, always sold out very quickly.

Christmas Memories is the number one Music Pre-order on this week [October 21st]. The DVD of the show will be released on October 28th.

Christmas Memories will be released in the USA on October 21st. It is the second collaboration between Anúna, Elevation, Maryland Public Television and Borders.

The album features 14 newly recorded tracks. You can see the tracklisting here on the Borders website and listen to extracts of the album.

Titles include "White Christmas". "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", "Ding Dong Merrily on High" & "The First Noel"


Michael has written a short Blog concerning the death of the Irish singer Bernadette Greevey that you can read here. Anúna and Michael want to express their sincerest condolences to the family of this great artist.

Muzu TV are a new Irish-based service that create a channel specifically for an artist. So far there are three videos uploaded on this service - Victimae [from the forthcoming Invocations DVD] and two bonus videos Hinbarra and Cormacus Scripsit. At the moment, while you can view the videos, you can't join the service if you live outside of the UK or Ireland, but this will change we hope. in the meantime, please enjoy all three videos here.


It is only in recent years that Anúna's director/composer-in-residence Michael McGlynn has begun to have his works performed in Ireland by Irish choirs, despite many years of performances throughout the world. This year, at the Cork Choral Festival [Ireland's premiere choral festival] two of Michael's works won awards for Irish choirs.The awards were Trofaí Cuimhneacháin Philib Ui Laoghaire [awarded to Clermont Chorale, Dundalk, Co. Louth for An Oíche] and The Perpetual Trophy for the Performance of Irish Contemporary Choral Music [awarded to PfizerPfonics for the performance of Geantraí]. Michael writes "I am delighted that these two works have won awards for Irish choirs. The Cork Choral Festival is Ireland's most important choral festival, and it is fitting that choirs are rewarded for performances of contemporary Irish work. However, there is a lack of performable pieces by Irish composers in the choral repertoire - and while I am flattered by the increasing inclusion of my work in the repertoire, I am not heartened by the lack of works being performed by my composer colleagues. It is time that the Cork Choral Festival and the Arts Council of Ireland address the need for the creation of repertoire that is performable by amateur choirs, rather than concentrating on commissioning works that usually get one performance, however spectacular, and then no more. Visiting choirs are always looking for new music, and what better shop-window for Irish composition than this Festival". You can purchase Michael's music from

Congratulations to The Notre Dame Belmont Choir, who sang "Media Vita" as arranged by Michael McGlynn before the Vigil Mass (in front of 300,000 people) at World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney, Australia. The choir is conducted by Kristin Pfeifer and you can see their excellent performance of this Anúna signature piece here or here. You can view two other recent performances of this arrangement by Spanish choir Lumega here and the Venezuelan group Promusica Voces Oscuras here, both with the definitive Anúna processional moves.

Very special thank yous are due to ABC Classic FM Radio in Australia, who continue to be staunch supporters of Anúna over the last couple of years, with continual plays of our music. This is very flattering, considering that we have never been to Australia...

Anúna-related material appears on two current programmes being broadcast - a new recording of "Jerusalem", arranged by Michael, will appear in episode 10 of the new season of The Tudors, and on BBC4 TV the piece "Sanctus" is being used for How to Build a Cathedral.

Ronan O Sullivan, the Irish film-maker, has posted his evocative English/Irish Language ghost-story An Tiaracht to YouTube. It features a score of Anúna's music, including "1901" "Ceann Dubh Dílis" and "Victimae". Thanks to the wonders of YouTube here is the entire short film for you to view and comment on - well done Ronan!

On April 5th 2008 Anúna recorded material for a new project in St Peter's Church, Drogheda. The resulting album, as yet untitled, will feature Michael's "Agnus Dei", Allegri's "Miserere" and Lotti's eight voice "Crucifixus" among other tracks. The album will be released in Ireland in 2008 and in 2009 in the USA. You can view images taken from the sessions here.


One that slipped past us... In 2003 Anúna visited the World Sacred Music Festival in Fes, Morocco - one of the most important spiritual music events in the world. This unique appearance, along with that of many other performers, is captured in Stephen Olsson's beautiful documentary "Sounds of the Soul" - you can find details of this programme here. The programme includes interviews with Michael, Joanna Fagan and a performance of "The Blue Bird".

On August 14th Anúna will perform in the world-renowned concert Hall The Concertgebouw Hall in Amsterdam as part of their summer season. You can purchae tickets here. Anúna embark on their second major tour of the Netherlands beginning on the 19th of April. You can find details of venues on our Live page.

Owen Brady has released a new album on Sony/BMG, initially in Ireland only. The album features John's song "If All She has is You", his guitar playing on a number of tracks and a number of his photos on the cover.

Owen has had massive exposure for this album here in Ireland, and you can check it out on his website here. Hope it is a huge success for you.


Lynn Hilary has released her debut album "Take Me With You". Lynn left Anúna to join Celtic Woman last year. This album features John McGlynn's "Swimming in the Barrow" and a co-written number with Lynn "Annie Watches".

Lynn features on many Anúna albums, lending her distinctive vocals to tracks on Invocation, Behind the Closed Eye, Sensation & Winter Songs.

You can purchase her album from here.


The Anúna track "Blackthorn" features on the new compilation "Celtic Woman 3", available now from here with a solo by Lucy Champion. This album is released on Hearts of Space records.


Katie McMahon has released her album "St Patrick's Day", which features an unusual and innovative version of Michael's piece "The Rising of the Sun". Katie sang with us of from 1991 to 1996, and we wish her the best of luck with this release.

You can visit her website where you can find details of how to download and purchase this album from


Anúna founder-member Fionnuala Gill has just released a beautiful new album, which features Michael's piece "Shining Water". Fionnuala has an excellent website at where you can find details about where to purchase and download the album.

Fionnuala will be embarking on a three month tour of the USA, starting in August to support the broadcast of the PBS special 'An Enchanted Evening' with Tim Janis. Best of luck, and well done!


Despite selling significant quantities of "Celtic Origins" in a single retailer, Borders, Anúna were unable to qualify for a Billboard Chart placing due to the fact that they were available in only one US retailer. In August the album Sound Scanned as the biggest-selling World Music release in the USA and actually sold enough units that it would have had a chart placing in the lower part of the Billboard top 150 albums on sale in the USA. Happily, this ban has just been lifted and a recent surge in sales has resulted in the album entering the Billboard World Music Charts as the #6 best selling CD in America. Additionally, our sales last week qualified us for Billboard’s Heat Seeker Chart at #10 and we are being recognized as the “Hot Shot Debut” of the week. Congratulations to all the singers who took part and in particular thanks is extended from Anúna and Elevation to Borders for their tireless support of this project.

Anúna's recent Japanese tour was a huge success, with many sold-out performances. One highlight was the performance to 1200 people in the Sumida Triphony Hall in Tokyo, where the group performed 20 minutes of encores. Congratulations to the 12 singers who took part in this wonderful tour and very special thanks to Plankton, our Japanese agent, for a wonderful trip.


Anúna's version of "The Wexford Carol" from Winter Songs, aka Christmas Songs in the USA, is the biggest selling version of this song on iTunes USA, easily outselling Celtic Woman, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Julie Andrews and Loreena McKennitt among 102 different versions of this beautiful song. With a fine solo by Monica Donlon, this was one of the first pieces performed by Anúna, with a very early arrangement by Michael McGlynn. It was recorded in a tiny church in Glendalough in 1994.

Anúna feature heavily, and Michael is interviewed, in the first half hour of this week's edition of the BBC Radio 3 programme The Choir December 2nd - you can hear the latest edition here for one week only. The show attempts to put a form to choral music on the island of Ireland. Unintentionally what it does is show up the vast differencies that exist between the Republic of Ireland and the North in the area of both music education and choral music in general. Upbeat if you are from the North, depressing if you are from the South. Worth a listen...

Linda Lampenius, one of the wonderful musicians who travelled with us on our recent Celtic Origins tour, recently gave an interview for the Finnish magazine 7 päivää [7 days] - along with the article printed in the paper, there appeared an online TV broadcast which you can view here. The broadcast includes footage of Anúna in New York in rehearsal.

Here is a review by Jeff Shaw of Citypages, published in Minnesota/St. Paul - concert Minneapolis November 4th at Orchestra Hall.

"Irish Chorus Brings Haunting, Eclectic Sound to Orchestra Hall

"One of music's delights is the unexpected. You walk into the Orchestra Hall anticipating a quiet evening with a choir, and you run into something that shatters your expectations about what Celtic music or classical music even means. This is why genre-busting acts are so exciting. Anuna, an Irish choral group who played the hall this weekend, are such a group. Rooted in Celtic traditions, but drawing on influences from medieval, operatic and modern folk music, they collectively create a visual and aural experience that is as powerful as it is enjoyable.

Founded by Dublin composer Michael McGlynn, Anuna performs material ranging from traditionals (Greensleeves, Scarborough Fair) to contemporary originals, Accompanied intermittently by a French harp and violin, the joined voices are still this show's centerpiece. And yes, that makes this a choral group in the truest sense. But when some songs sound like they might fit in with the bombast of Carmina Burana, others during play in a schoolyard and still others in a 17th century monastery, it's hard to slap an easy label on the music.

The 14 singers are as eclectic as the songs. Some are classically trained, others not; they're drawn from choirs, opera companies, and even rock bands. Each singer's strengths are brought to bear at different times during the experience, and pieces sung in Gaelic or other languages were testament to the power of the human voice to communicate emotion regardless of any language barrier.

"The Dawn", a kind of magical story with lilting, hypnotic lead vocals, opened the night and then gave way to a Gaelic children's song called "Geantraí", where the lyrics I am trusting them on this translate loosely to we throw it in the air, we throw it in the air, we throw it in the air, we hope you won't explode. Who said the classics lack whimsy?

Stage presence is another part of Anuna's appeal. Irreverent and spontaneous banter, jokes, friendly jabs from a vocalist at oneself or other group members eliminate any pretense of, well, pretense. During the disarming choral introductions I learned that two members used to be doctors, one has been told he looks like Justin Timberlake, and only one of the seven men is married (not, in case you were wondering, the one who favors JT).

Most affecting of the compositions is "Jerusalem", drawn from text written by a priest circa 1601. It is performed as a vocal medley reminiscent of a round. While the plaintive lyrics emerge from each singer at differing intervals, the robed women slowly proceed in stages through the venue somehow managing to fill its expanse with their voices. We were asked to close our eyes for a moment during the song, to better soak in the sound. I did, and then opened them again.

It is perhaps cliché to say that this was like awakening in a cloister of angels. It is, however, accurate.

I think about the distinction between so-called low art and high art on occasion. Particularly in a country whose national anthem tune was cribbed from a tavern song, it seems to me this line should be seen as mostly artificial. Anuna blends spiritual texts and lyrics purportedly written by kings and saints with the traditional music of the countryside. The message: quality is quality, and songs of all stripes can ring true when performed well.

This show, again, trusting the veracity of on-stage reporting was the largest and friendliest crowd that Anuna had experienced thus far in the United States. Other cities are missing out."

Each year Anúna give two Christmas Concerts in St. Ann's Church on Dawson Street. This year they will be on Friday the 21st and Saturday the 22nd of December. These concerts ALWAYS sell out very quickly, and we don't advertise them publicly. You can purchase seats for this performance from here.

You can see two clips of "Anúna : Celtic Origins" created for YouTube on our DOWNLOAD page.

Anúna have completed an extensive and highly successful tour of Borders Stores throughout July and August- visit the Celtic Origins mini-site here for details of the forthcoming tour dates throughout the USA this Fall. Below you can see some images from the Borders events - thank you to everyone who came out to support us!


Orfhlaith Flynn, Rory Musgrave, Sinead McGoldrick, Patrick Hughes, Miriam Blennerhassett, John McGlynn, Elaine Donnelly


See video and sound clips, including interviews from the programme to be aired nationwide in the USA in mid August featuring Anúna by clicking here. The title of the 80 minute special is Anúna : Celtic Origins made by Elevation/Maryland Public Television.

Read an excellent review of "Sensation" on the All Music Guide website here.

Anúna have just returned [end January 2007] from a week-long film shoot in Cleveland, Ohio. Three concerts were filmed on consecutive nights and will result in a programme to be broadcast on US Public television in the latter part of 2007, with a DVD and CD to follow. More details will be released as dates are confirmed.

Anúna had a very successful tour of the Netherlands in December, and were seen by in excess of 4000 people. Reviews have been excellent with standing ovations in all venues. Here is an excerpt from one of them:

Leiden, Leidse Schouwburg 16/12 2006

There are not only Christmas songs in ‘the Spirit of Christmas’. Anuna has a rich and surprising repertoire. The choir switches with ease from English through Irish, Latin and medieval Spanish and from one century to the other. Even the lyrics are truly an adventure to listen to...The sound of the choir is magnificent: light, restrained and clear. Sensitive subjects are sung with tenderness and the more lively rhythmic songs are performed on stage with humor and pleasure...Anuna succeeds in uniting discipline and excellent light singing. The spatial effect that Anuna creates is astonishing, with its soft and clear sounds. It does not need great special sound effects. In “Maid in the Moor” you can feel the loneliness of nature and when the singers spread out through the theatre and sing Jerusalem with voices chasing each other it seems that the Leidse Schouwburg is as big as a cathedral...Anuna is an adventure that you don’t experience every day.A real treat.

Maarten Baanders

The Anúna Dublin Christmas concerts sold out before any notices were placed in the media, and again received standing ovations on both nights.

Read Michael's article on the state of Irish Choral music from Sept/Oct edition of the The JMI here.

A nice short, and unexpected, piece about Anúna appeared in The Herald [Scotland] on October 9th:

"If anyone remembers the moment just before Michael Flatley bounded across the stage at Eurovision 12 years ago, they will recall the haunting sounds of Anúna, the choir cloaked in hooded black robes who preceded the dancers. Their stark harmonic purity made even more poignant by the occasional lone boom of a bass drum, they seemed to stand for everything one wanted to believe about Celtic patriotism. They were unthreatening yet fiercely proud, natural yet indecipherable, and, for a brief moment in the early 1990s, Anúna had found an utterly charming way of representing their own brand of tradition and culture. It was the people's music."

from the artcle "The Earth Turned to Bring Us Closer" written by AMY PARKER - original article here

Congratulation's are due to Triniti, who won the Big Buzz Award for Best Traditional Act/Band in Derry over the weekend [Sept 1st]. It appears that Anúna were one of the three nominations in this category. Anúna is neither a "band" nor "traditional", but it's the thought that counts... It would have been prudent on the part of the organisers to let us know that we had been nominated before or even after the Awards Ceremony - so it is probably just as well we didn't win it then as most of us were at The Electric Picnic in Dublin.

Michael recently did a short questions and answers interview for The Irish Independent - read it here.

On Sunday [August 6th ], Michael appeared on The Sunday Show, a hugely popular discussion programme on RTE Radio 1, the main Irish Radio channel. Michael discussed the merits of reality TV Pop competitions and the state of music education in Ireland. "Shining Water" from Sensation was broadcast.

On Sunday last [July 2nd 2006], Anúna gave a short performance for the Lirico Chamber Singers from Spokane in Washington State in the Crypt of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin. The Lirico Chamber Singers also performed for us and we sang Dúlamán and The Wild Song with the choir. set up by choral director Russell Seaton, this was a memorable event, not least because of the extraordinary setting that it took place in. Yes - that is Michael and Russell lying on the floor...


Read Michael's article on Irish choral music from today's Irish Times [June 5th 2006] here.

John Schaefer of WNYC New York has an excellent programme called New Sounds, and has been a great supporter of Anúna for many years. This May one of his programmes, now archived, broadcast an eclectic mix of material that particularly featured Anúna. You can hear the programme here [the Anúna portion starts at about 31:00]. If you search through the archives of the show you can find a number of interviews with Michael and John done over the years.

At last you can now download an Anúna album from iTunes all over the world! See here for details.

Sensation was reviewed last Friday [May 5th 2006] by Siobhán Long in The Irish Times favourably.

"Choral music is a hard sell, its spaciousness challenging our sound-clogged sensibilities to accommodate silence as readily as sound. Michael McGlynn and his 30-strong acolytes in Anúna have had an uphill battle to lure listeners into their somnolent soundscapes, but their 10th recording might just mark their crossover into mainstream. Sensation is an agile leap into the unknown, populated entirely by McGlynn's original compositions...air and light penetrate Anúna's deep harmonies with almost aquatic ease. Soloist Sharon Carty's luminous rendition of Lux Aeterna is a particular treat, as is Anúna's more languid mood generally. A welcome loosening of the ties that once bound them to the past."

Classic FM TV will begin broadcasting the videos for Blackthorn and Peperit Virgo next week [May 8th onwards]. Both videos were filmed by Michael, and feature Lucy Champion and Anúna. You can see the video for Blackthorn on this site on the Download page. Classic FM TV can be seen by digital subscribers and also online here.

The RTE GUIDE, Ireland's biggest-selling magazine, are running a picture and short article on Anúna and the new album [April 28 issue 2006]. Paddy Kehoe writes - "The vocal group's multi-layered choral tapestries are a balm for the soul...The ensemble have just released Sensation, their first new album since the year 2000, a considered affair that works a kind of lush magic". Ian Curran, Ian Russell and Ronan Sugrue appeared on the TTV Show on RTE Television on May 2nd singing Dúlamán and being interviewed about the new album and the show this Thursday [May 4th]. An excellent interview appeared in the Dublin Event Guide written by Trish Murphy, which was published this week. You can read it online here.

Sensation has received its first review [April 20th 2006] in Hot Press. The album received 9 out of 10 from journalist Sarah McQuaid. Here is the review:

"Vocal group Anúna's first release of new material in six years is a major leap forward from their last few offerings, throwing into high relief the progress that founder and group leader Michael McGlynn has made as a composer. The opening track '0 Ignis Spiritus' brings a text by medieval mystic Hildegarde von Bingen to glorious life, with Ken Edge's saxophone matching the reedy timbre of soloist Miriam Blennerhassett's wonderfully rich voice. The dreamy title track (McGlynn's setting of the Rimbaud poem of that name) is another highlight, with the gravel-voiced Gilles Servat speaking the verses over the ensemble's multi-layered harmonies. Bringing the CD to an electrifying close is the shimmering, densely textured '0 Maria', which deserves to become part of the standard repertoire for choral groups everywhere. NINE/TEN"

Elvis Costello mentions Michael in the April 14th 2006 edition of The Washington Post. You can read the full article here.

"Though Costello has had distinguished allies in writing charts and arrangements -- Bacharach, Nieve, Bill Frisell and Vince Mendoza among them -- he taught himself how to compose on paper, originally to create scores for small ensembles, beginning with the Brodsky Quartet on 1993's "The Juliet Letters." Costello sensed that some of his ideas were getting lost because he couldn't communicate them properly. It was composer Michael McGlynn, founder of the Irish choral group Anuna, who encouraged Costello to learn musical notation."

"I had convinced myself I couldn't understand it," Costello recalls, "and given that I had written 200 songs, I convinced myself I didn't need to understand it. Michael sat down and patiently explained what was causing the mental block that I had about it at about the time that I began working with the Brodsky Quartet. And within six months, I had proceeded from not being able to write any kind of music to writing full-part arrangements.

Sensation will be released in Ireland only on April 13th. Click on the title and you can listen to clips from the new album.

The album Sensation took a year to record, and is Anúna's 10th album. Initially only available on line internationally [released in Ireland in April] the album features stunning images of the group taken by John McGlynn.

There are only 11 tracks on the record, and the group sing in multiple languages including Irish, english, French, Auvergnat, Latin and Middle English. All the music is written by Michael McGlynn, and the album is produced by Michael and Brian Masterson.


Visit the special site created for the launch of Anúna's new album Sensation here. You can listen to 4 of the new tracks in their entirety, and read the special release interview with Michael McGlynn under the Blog section. Sensation will be available in the shops in Ireland in early April.

Anúna singer Julie Feeney has won the prize for best album at the Choice Music Awards in Dublin last night [February 28th]. Her album is entitled 13 Songs. Julie made her first professional recordings and gained her first international stage experience with Anúna, which she joined in 1997.

Anúna would like to send her our best wishes for this well deserved award. You can check out her website here

John McGlynn's magnificent Songs for a Fallen Angel is now available to hear and to buy from You can hear four songs from his album in streaming format on his MySpace website here.

Michael McGlynn has given a special interview to mark the turn of the new year in the Backstage section. You can read it here.

On Thursday 29th December 2005 RTÉ One TV will broadcast "One Faithful Harp" at 10.30pm, a documentary celebrating the life and work of Thomas Moore. The programme will feature original new settings by musicians and singers including Christy Moore, Luka Bloom, Eimear Quinn, Michael McGlynn, Steve Cooney, Laoise Kelly, and Iarla Ó Lionárd, and unexpected archive recordings by artists like Nina Simone and Joe Strummer of the Clash. See here for details.

Welcome back to Anúna after a highly successful visit to Japan, where the group were seen by in excess of 8000 people in Tokyo over three days from December 23rd to 25th 2005. On December 22nd, Anúna performed on J-Wave Radio when they performed Fionnghuala, and Michael was interviewed.

Winter Songs has been released in Japan. Please find details [in Japanese] here.

Recording for the new Anúna album has just been completed. Tentatively titled Sanctus, and this is a very tentative title, the album is a significant departure from previous Anúna releases. The atmosphere and harmonic language of the album is unified, and all of the pieces, most likely nine, are written by Michael McGlynn. Unlike previous albums the vast majority of the material was recorded by the entire choral group, 30 singers approximately over two exciting sessions, and there are plans to release the album in 5.1 surround sound format at a later stage. Many of the pieces are commissions for other performing groups adapted for Anúna - these include The Road of Passage, O Ignis Spiritus and Silver River. New music includes the Auvergne lullaby Brezairola, O Maria, Lux Aeterna, and Sensation. The most unusual pieces are the eastern-flavoured Danú, with multi layered percussion and the piece Tenebrae. Texts are in middle Irish, middle English, Auvergnat, Latin, French and English and our very special guests, who feature more prominently than on earlier releases, Kenneth Edge [Saxophone], Máire Breathnach [violin and viola], Noel Eccles [Percussion and vibraphone] and Andreja Mahlir [Concert harp]. Release date will depend on the amount of time it takes to mix it!

Australian champion Irish dancer Meaghan McGlynn will join Anúna onstage at Roppongi hills Arena on December 23rd, 24th and 25th in Tokyo, Japan.

She has already completed two highly successful tours of the U.K. and USA with Anúna. After many years with Riverdance and Gaelforce, and a highly successful career as a business consultant, she is putting on her dancing shoes again and will give the Japanese public a taste of her Irish dancing skills! Meaghan's mother Jan Berne, who has been running the Walton School of Irish Dance in Sydney for over 30 years, has given her time and patience to the perfection of her daughters art.



Andrew McGlynn, who provides the extraordinary images for the cover of the new Anúna album reissue, has been invited to exhibit his work at the prestigious Gallerie Kontrast in Stockholm, Sweden. The exhibition will begin on November 26th and will continue until January.

Michael will give a short interview on Classic FM radio [U.K.] this Thursday 22nd of September between 18hr30 and 19hr00 to help publicise the forthcoming concert in the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London on Saturday 24th.

The Reviews and Articles page has been updated to include reviews performances given by the choir in 2005 in Germany, Ireland and the U.K. here.


Lippoldsberg performance July 2005. In the image above the women are singing "O Viridissima". Image courtesy Andreas Wittmeier

The album Invocation has been repackaged as a digipak and includes revised CD notes, but the version is the same as the 2003 release of the album. The cover image, featuring Lucy Champion, is the original proposed image for the record, now reinstated.

This album will be available from early July to purchase, and can be preordered from our SHOP.


Listen to Michael, John and Tom on this Thursday's [June 2nd] RTE Radio 1 programme Relative Notes. It has been Archived here, or you can listen live at 7pm GMT here.

Deep Dead Blue has been officially released through Go