Anúna is not a full-time ensemble and we are project based. While our main base is in Dublin, Ireland, our singers come from all over the world. Any applicant needs to be familiar with the application of support and projection, and ideally vocally trained. Applicants should be able to read music with some fluency and choral experience is desirable. We will look favourably on applications from singers skilled in ehnic vocal techniques and idioms, particularly those who sing in the Sean Nós style.

Please send submissions for consideration to as follows :

  • A music C.V., emphasising your musical experience and education with emphasis on involvement in choral projects
  • A photograph
  • A short video or videos [around one minute maximum per video] of you singing unaccompanied in a dry acoustic. Ideally we would like something recorded on a phone, ipad or computer. Any song choice should show your vocal technique and capability in a classical idiom. Please do not submit Irish folksongs unless you are a specialist in that area. You can sing a solo piece or a choral part.
  • A written paragraph explaining why you are applying to Anúna. Please also choose a song or album by Anúna that you like and write a short paragraph as to why it appeals to you.
  • Please send everything via Wetransfer [its free to use]

If you have any questions regarding audition please feel free to contact us via the form below.

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