Cait Frizell


Born in the USA; she recently earned her Master's degree in operatic performance with Distinction from the Royal College of Music in London. She has moved back to the USA and is currently working there as both a soloist and ensemble singer.


"There’s something intangible about the music of Anúna. That unspeakable, unimaginable beauty that reaches all people of all races and creeds, all age groups and all generations. It’s a rare sort of beauty to find, and to hold on to. I knew as soon as I discovered Anúna that I needed to be a part of it. 

I joined in December of 2013, at a time when I was struggling with being the singer that I wanted to be. I had just begun my Operatic Master’s program in London and found that while I was being pushed to better my instrument and my artistry, I was also becoming a bit straight-jacketed in terms of my musical self. This is the nature of these sorts of programs and they should not be blamed for creating a feeling of confinement, but nevertheless, I began to crave an outlet for the singer in me which needed room to be an individual. 

Anúna has become, perhaps more to my surprise than anyone else’s, that channel for my artistic freedom. That intangibility, that sense of magnitude and angelic beauty stems directly from the idea that singers who come to Anúna are asked to sing as themselves. They are not asked to blend timbres, they are not asked to match ideas — they are simply asked to be their own artist, and to allow their very different voices to come together into a sound which flows into the audience and ignites the artists in their souls. We in Anúna believe that everyone is an artist, whether you are sending a message from the stage or receiving a message in the audience. It takes as much imagination to hear or see and interpret an art form as it does to create it. 

This is what Anúna has done for me. It has provided me a freedom to be myself amongst other musicians who are of this mentality. This is the crux of what we do. This is that unspeakable something that we hear when we listen to, and watch, Anúna; all of these musicians from across the globe, bringing their bodies, their languages, their art, and their voices together to create a new whole.  When you watch and listen to our concerts, this is what you are hearing and seeing.

Freedom, and only freedom."