Lucy Champion 


Born in England, and graduated from the London College of Music: worked in orchestral management with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Wren Orchestra and the Ulster Orchestra.  She moved to Dublin in 1998 and held the post of Education and Community Outreach Manager at the National Concert Hall, Dublin for ten years.  She is now a freelance musician, artists manager and currently in her last year of training as an Alexander Technique practitioner.

  Lucy Champion

Lucy Champion

My involvement with Anúna has been almost a life independent of my own.

I came to the group from a very traditional English choral background, so to say that this was a different experience is an understatement.  In my earlier days with the group I was amazed at how these people were not "singers" - they were interested individuals wanting to sing beautiful music together.  At that time particularly (mid-90s) all things Irish were high profile and because of this, one was confronted with the wealth of the country's culture.

What I loved and continue to love about Anúna is not the process of singing, (that is our own individual responsibility and if you are not working on your voice you are going to know about it...) but the journey we take as a group in putting our voices to the music and how we communicate with our audience.  Why else are we there?  

We talk in rehearsals about the music and what we're doing with it - we talk a lot, actually.  I think it is no coincidence that this led to the creation of our Education Programme.  This has brought greater understanding of what it is we do, through our workshops and Summer Schools.  It has also brought so many people together from our audiences across the world in a way that is more meaningful than simply attending a concert.

The journey never ends - people come and go in the group from all parts of the world which is wonderful in what each person brings to the group, but the music and the communication of it will always be our lead.