"Anúna...is a stellar example of a crossover group that has avoided compromising its musical standards and has maintained a high level of involvement in the worlds of both popular and classical music...exceptionally virtuosic chamber choir, with the discipline and technique to excel in both traditional and contemporary music in the classical tradition" ~ All Music Guide
"Anúna is legitimate folklore that weaves religious and secular threads into an enchanting sonic tapestry..." ~ Billboard
"Anúna provide the sort of thrilling, life-affirming music that makes you think Ireland, indeed the world, is not such a bad place after all" ~ Independent
"With Anúna, the worlds of choral, classical and traditional music intersect with ease, a place where heaven meets the horizon in perfect coalescence" ~ Hot Press

"Michael McGlynn is a remarkable composer and leader of the choral group Anúna. Most of Michael's pieces draw on Irish early-Christian and pre-Christian texts as well as traditional airs and lyrical themes. These sources are recast in Michael's beautiful and startling music" ~ Elvis Costello

“Thank you for your genius of melody and harmony” ~ Bono