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A special poetic reaction to Anúna.

This beautiful poem was written by Ugeen Arkins on seeing Anúna in concert for the first time this December.

A Breath Taken

Light slowly dissipates
Command your domain
Silence, not silent enough, yet!
Unconsciously inhaled
A breath, finds it's vessels within
Made ready, for transformation

The invisible made tangible
Subtle signs of the mechanics
In preparation, in anticipation
Of inspiration, a gift of nature
You ready yourself

Mouth changes slightly, lips formed
A sculptured soft, soft sound
Emits colours, shapes, tones
Magical rhythmic musical notes
Change the air!

Practiced a thousand times,
Heard, for the first time, anew.
A breath inhaled, snatched from the elements
And, back to the elements, you send it
With substance, with inspiration
To be shared in total silence.

Like the sound within a marble stone.

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