Workshops & Education

Education Co-ordinator Lucy Champion

Workshop, De Doelen, the Netherlands October 2013, Pic Jasper Van Gheluwe

Over the last two decades Anúna has travelled on a unique road in the world of music. Created from an ancient musical culture without a choral tradition, our techniques were developed to cope with the singular nature of our group. We offer some of these techniques to singers all over the world as part of our Education programme, and have given workshops in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, the USA, Canada, Ireland, China and Japan since the inception of the programme in 2009.

Choral music is the most widely-subscribed classical music performance art and yet it is seriously overlooked by Education and Artistic bodies in many cultures. We in Anúna believe that singing in a choir can :

Japanese Workshop Series 2011
Netherlands Workshop Series 2012 : (top clockwise) Hardenberg, Beverwijk, Papendrecht & Emmen
The workshops are usually about two hours long and are led by either Michael or Lucy, together with additional singers from the group when available. Generally, we ask to work with at least two choirs per workshop - a minimum of thirty singers.
National Concert Hall Workshop Series by Lucy Champion 2011

First Anúna International Choral Summer School, National Concert Hall 2011
Some comments from participants of our Irish workshop series :
Workshop Poland 2011

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