Workshops, Education & The Anúna Method

Education Co-ordinator Lucy Champion

Workshop, De Doelen, the Netherlands October 2013, Pic Jasper Van Gheluwe

Anúna has travelled on a singular road in the world of choral music. Over the last two decades we have developed a specific methodology that has evolved from the unique nature of our performance practices. These techniques have a universal relevance that can be applied to amateur, youth and professional ensembles equally. We call this the Anúna Method.  Anúna have developed this methodology with choirs and singers all over the world in the last four years, and facilitated workshops/clinics in Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, the USA, Canada, Ireland, China [at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music] and Japan [including twice at Sumida Hall, Tokyo] since the inception of the programme.

Japanese Workshop Series 2011

We believe that our methods, along with all good choral teaching methodology should :

Workshop, the Canary Islands, March 2014
Netherlands Workshop Series 2012 : (top clockwise) Hardenberg, Beverwijk, Papendrecht & Emmen

In 2011 and 2013 we ran the Anúna International Choral Summer School in Dublin, Ireland, with delegates from 15 countries attending. We brought together facilitators, performers, conductors and educators with the intent of exploring and defining further the Anúna Method. Facilitators have included Sylvia O Regan [Head of Vocal Faculty at the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin], Charles Bruffy [Musical Director of the Kansas City Chorale and the Phoenix Chorale], Alyth McCormack [Vocalist with the Chieftains & specialist in Scottish traditional singing], Aingeala de Burca [Alexander Technique ITM Teacher], Dr. Stacie Lee Rossow [Associate Professor of Choral Studies at Florida Atlantic University and Specialist in Irish choral music and the work of Michael McGlynn], Matthew Oltman [Musical Director Emeritus of Chanticleer] and Dr. Laura Inman [Manhattan Chorale Executive Director].

First Anúna International Choral Summer School, National Concert Hall 2011
Workshop Poznan, Poland 2011

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