Participants and Facilitators at the 2013 Anúna International Summer School

Participants and Facilitators at the 2013 Anúna International Summer School

24th - 27th June 2015,  Dublin, Ireland

This year sees the return of the Anúna International Summer School in a new format.

The four days of the School, which takes place in Dublin, Ireland, will involve interaction and performance under the supervision of composer Michael McGlynn and members of Anúna. Over the last two Schools in 2011 and 2013 attendees came from Canada, Israel, England, Russia, China, Malta, Italy, Spain, the USA, the Netherlands, South Africa and Ireland.

This year will include for the first time an introduction to Sean Nós, the oldest extant form of Irish Traditional singing which will be explored in the context of its relationship to the work of ANÚNA and McGlynn's compositions. 

The School will take place in a number of venues located close to St. Stephen's Green in the historic centre of the city, close to Trinity College and the main shopping area of Dublin.

Over the past quarter century, Anúna has gained international recognition as one of the world's most original choral ensembles. It is renowned for its mesmerising sound and atmospheric stage performances using specific and effective techniques that are applicable to singers of all levels, conductors and which are of great interests to composers in this genre.

There will be a focus on the following topics :

  • Workshops dealing with the physicality of singing and the ANÚNA Technique.
  • Advanced vocal & choral performance techniques
  • Practical experience in the pronunciation of the Irish language and Irish traditional singing techniques
  • Analysis and discussion of McGlynn's choral music
  • Participants will be involved in a public performance with Anúna in Dublin's beautiful St. Bartholomew's Church on Saturday 27th of June.

Cost of tuition € 270.00

Please fill in the form below with some details of your choral experience [or whether you are a composer, educator or choral director] and voice type.  We will contact you with details of requirements.

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Anúna International Summer School 2013 - Performance in St. Bartholomew's Church