Some comments from attendees of the 2015 School :

I wasn't expecting to be so moved or touched coming into this, after all I am a professional musician and educator, none of this should be new to me, but I was moved and I saw a new perspective and was exposed to a new philosophy about what a choir could be.  It was refreshing, invigorating, life-affirming (for a jaded music educator), and absolutely fun.  It left me wanting more and wanting to provide my students with more.  I loved it. 

Jason Watt (USA)

I felt relieved to finally meet other singers who did NOT care about being the best and getting the most recognition. People who just want to be the instrument that communicates the music from the composer to the audience, but with the heart and soul of the singer attached. So the Summer School allowed all of us to live the dream just for a week. That's not something any of us will ever forget. 

Adrienne Dyer (Canada)

The Anúna technique is very natural and effective. It clarified a lot of questions and struggles I had with singing! I also felt a part of a very extraordinary community of artists by the end of the school. It was great meeting and forming friendships with people from all over the world.

Karen Thames Ballew (USA)

I can't describe my deep emotion. It was amazing. 

Rintaro Kimura (Japan)

Everything you have told, showed and corrected is of great value to me. It was about so much more than just singing. Posture, breathing, prevention of voice problems, but also about acting as one group

Emile Noothout (The Netherlands)

Very very proud to be a part of this family... I am looking forward to being with Anúna again!

Berke Erat (Turkey)

2015 Anúna International Summer School - Just before the final concert!

2015 Anúna International Summer School - Just before the final concert!

The School takes place from Tuesday 14th to Saturday 18th June 2016,  Dublin, Ireland

Due to the ongoing phenomenal success of our Summer Schools, inaugurated in 2011, they become annual from June 2016. 

The five days of the School, which takes place in Dublin, will involve interaction and performance under the supervision of composer Michael McGlynn and members of Anúna. Previous attendees have come from all over the world and included delegates from Canada, Japan, Turkey, Israel, England, Russia, China, Malta, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Poland, the USA, the Netherlands, South Africa and Ireland.

The ethos of Anúna is firmly rooted in the literature and musical traditions of Ireland, and as part of the school we offer an introduction to sean nós, the oldest extant form of Irish traditional singing which will be explored in the context of its relationship to the work of the choir and McGlynn's compositions. 

Over the past quarter century, Anúna has gained international recognition as one of the world's most original choral ensembles. It is renowned for its mesmerising sound and atmospheric stage performances using specific and effective techniques that are applicable to singers of all levels, conductors and which are of great interests to composers in this genre.