Digital Only Release September 28th 2018

“Transcendence” is a sublime and meditative collection of vocal music featuring ANÚNA, Ireland's National Choir. Eleven of the thirteen tacks are written by the Artistic Director of the group Michael McGlynn and the album is book-ended by two masterpieces of the choral genre, Antonio Lotti's “Crucifixus” and Gregorio Allegri's “Miserere”.


“This album is a collection of transcendent music that has been hidden, in some ways, within our repertoire” McGlynn says. “It is very easy, and somewhat lazy, to label and categorise the work of ANÚNA, but the legacy of performance and quality of the music is evident on this release and I have to admit that it was a surprise for me to see the coherency of musical language spanning across the album.”

This seventy minute compilation is remastered with one new piece “Lorica” (conducted by Stacie Lee Rossow), and ends with the majestic “Miserere”.

“Approaching classics is always difficult as there are so many interpretations already in the public arena” says McGlynn. “I have always seen this work, and the “Crucifixus”, as dramatic presentations and the influence of the music of this period and earlier is evident across my own works.”

Many of the works featured were commissioned from McGlynn. “Transcendence” was commissioned by University College Dublin for its 150 Anniversary, “Dormi Jesu” from Kultursamverkan Svenska kyrkan, “Lorica” by the Scottish vocal ensemble Canty and “Agnus Dei” from Chanticleer. Anúna infuse their own unique vocal colour into these beautiful works.

Available on all Digital platforms and with full colour PDF sleeve-notes from BANDCAMP.