ANÚNA is one of the most exciting and eclectic vocal ensembles in the world.

They are led by Artistic Director and Composer in Residence Michael McGlynn, whose intent to create a unique form of vocal music and repertoire has resulted in over thirty years of innovation and collaboration. ANÚNA has carved a uniquely beautiful niche in the world of choral music, but are not restricted to that form. They have performed on some of the major classical music platforms in the world (The Royal Albert Hall, The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, National Centre for the Performing Arts Beijing) but are equally at home on a theatrical stage. Collaborations in recent tears have included two video game soundtracks (Diablo III and Xenoblade II) and a fully staged Noh play in Japan. You can read more about the history of ANÚNA HERE.

Being part of ANÚNA requires skills that go beyond being just a singer and membership is not limited to classical singers. However, knowledge and ongoing development of standard classical singing technique is essential. ANÚNA has its own vocal technique for maintaining the vocal ambience of the group.

The current ensemble of 12/13 singers (drawn from a pool of 30) come from the worlds of opera, traditional Irish singing, classical composition, popular music and musical theatre and the singers are based on the island of Ireland, the USA, France, the Netherlands, Iceland, Spain and Slovenia. You can read about performers past and present HERE.

How to Submit an Application

A photograph and C.V. emphasising your musical experience and education. 

A short video of you singing [a recording from a mobile phone would be sufficient]

~ The song choice must be unaccompanied, one minute length approximately. You can include as many clips as you wish. Please do not sing holding sheet music. ANÚNA do not use sheet music in performance. Please choose a non-resonant acoustic to sing in (no resonant spaces, no artificially added reverbs).

~ Upper body visible, and ideally full body visible.

~ Send to us via file sharing site [wetranferdropbox, googledocs or similar] or unlisted on YouTube.

~ Song choices should show the candidate’s vocal capabilities to their best. Please do not sing any repertoire from Celtic/Irish themed shows or traditional music from any country unless you are a traditional music specialist. Ideal repertoire would include Early music, Oratorio, Lieder/Chanson, Contemporary Classical Music. If you are a choral singer, then individual lines from choral works are also acceptable.

~ A short written paragraph explaining why you are auditioning to be a part of ANÚNA outlining what you would expect if you were to be accepted as a member.

~ Send applications to

Some Details

  • ANÚNA is a project-based vocal ensemble whose singers come from diverse musical backgrounds.

  • While the group are located in Dublin singers are drawn from vocal disciplines all over the world. Rehearsals usually take place around a specific project but we do have semi-regular rehearsals that are located in Dublin city centre for members who are resident on the island of Ireland. 

  • We are not a full-time ensemble and are not associated with or funded by any third-party entity. Performers are engaged by ANÚNA on a project to project basis and work under a contract for services. Fees are dependent on the nature of each project.

  • Singers are not expected to be exclusive to ANÚNA.