Workshop, De Doelen, the Netherlands October 2013, Pic Jasper Van Gheluwe

Workshop, De Doelen, the Netherlands October 2013, Pic Jasper Van Gheluwe



Education Co-ordinator Lucy Champion

Anúna has travelled on a singular road in the world of choral music.

Over the last two decades, we have developed a specific methodology that has evolved from the unique nature of our performance practices and history. These techniques have a universal relevance that can be applied equally to amateur, youth and professional ensembles and soloists.  Our ideas address the fundamental nature of choral singing itself in a radically new way that redefines the relationship between the singer and the song, the conductor and the ensemble, the performer and the audience.

Anúna have brought these ideas and techniques to choirs and singers all over the world in the last five years, facilitating workshops and clinics in Spain, the UK, Belgium, Israel, Iceland, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, the USA, Canada, Ireland, Japan and China. The ANÚNA Summer School which takes place in Dublin each year has been hugely successful and has attracted singers from over twenty countries.




The Anúna Summer School in Dublin has attracted delegates from twenty different countries and takes place in June of each year. To date delegates from over twenty countries have been part of this unique experience which focuses on the fundamental nature of singing itself and includes modules on conducting, singing technique, sean nós (traditional singing from Ireland) and a final concert where the participants perform with the members of Anúna.

The Anúna 30th Anniversary school will take place this June 2017 over five days and includes a visit and workshop at the National Opera House in Wexford. Details HERE.

The Anúna International Summer School 2015

Anúna Summer School 2015 - "May"

Presentation given at the American Choral Director's National Conference, Salt Lake City February 2015.

Israel 2016

Israel 2016

Tolosa, Spain 2014

Beijing 2015

Beijing 2015

Gran Canaria, March 2014

Gran Canaria, March 2014


The Anúna Training Choir was inaugurated in November 2015 and forms the basis for a new youth ensemble comprising of singers based on the island of Ireland. Created with the intent of developing a group that specialise in the techniques that have been developed by Anúna, the ensemble will become fully active in 2017. 

The ANÚNA Training Choir



Nth. Ireland  November 27, Lyric Theatre Belfast, Workshop 12hr00 Details from HERE

Sweden September 10 Workshop with Guldhedskyrknans Kammarkör, GothenburgEducation & Outreach

Sweden September 09 Two presentations at Nordiskt Kyrkomusiker Symposium, Gothenburg - Education & Outreach

Ireland June 14-18 The ANÚNA International Choral Summer School , Dublin, Ireland - Education & Outreach

Ireland February 25th, Workshop with Maynooth University Chamber Choir. Education & Outreach

Israel January 21-24  Tel Aviv / Yad Hasmona   Masterclasses/Workshops for Hellel, The Israeli Choral Organization. Education & Outreach


Ireland  November 23 Workshop Wesley College. Education & Outreach

Ireland  November 18 Inaugural rehearsal for the ANÚNA Training Choir. Education & Outreach

China August 21 Beijing NCPA Workshop. Education & Outreach

Ireland June 24-27 The 3rd International Choral Summer School , Dublin, Ireland. Education & Outreach

Iceland  June 20, Workshop @  Akranes. Education & Outreach

USA February 27 Members of Anúna will be presenting a session with Michael McGlynn at the American Choral Director's Association National Conference. Education & Outreach

England  January 31st, Kings Place - as part of LACF, Open Workshop Education & Outreach


Japan December 03 Iwate [Two Performances] & Workshop. Education & Outreach

Japan November 27 Workshop Fukui. Education & Outreach

Japan October 06 Workshop Iwaki. Education & Outreach

Japan October 05 Workshop Mitaka. Education & Outreach

Japan October 04 Workshop Hamamatsu. Education & Outreach

Japan October 03 Workshop Matsumoto. Education & Outreach

Japan October 02 Workshop Fukui. Education & Outreach

Gran Canaria March 22 Choral Workshop. Education & Outreach