(Updated for Sept.2018)

Ireland-based Auditions will be held from September 26th through to October 10th in Dublin. Applications close on October 5th.

Anúna is a Project Based vocal ensemble located in Dublin whose singers are drawn from vocal disciplines all over the world. Rehearsals usually take place around a specific project but we do have semi-regular rehearsals that are located in Dublin City centre for members who are resident on the island of Ireland. Note - Anúna is not a full-time ensemble and is not funded by any third-party entity, but payments are made for concert performances, tours and recordings. You can read essays by a number of the singers HERE.

Candidates for auditions taking place in September/October 2018 will be required to submit the following to :

1. A photograph and C.V. emphasising your musical experience and education. 

2. A short video of you singing [a recording from a mobile phone would be sufficient]

~ Unaccompanied, one minute maximum length. You can include as many clips as you wish. Please do not sing holding sheet music. Please choose a non-resonant acoustic to sing in - no added reverbs.

~ Upper body visible, and ideally full body visible.

~ Send to us via file sharing site [wetranferdropbox, googledocs or similar] or unlisted on YouTube.

~ Song choices should be chosen to show the auditionee's vocal capabilities to their best. We would suggest that traditional singing repertoire is not chosen unless you are a sean nós singer. Please do not sing any repertoire from Celtic themed shows. Ideal repertoire would include Early music, Oratorio, Lieder/Chanson, Contemporary Classical Music. If you are a choral singer, then individual lines from choral works are also acceptable.

~ A short written paragraph explaining why you are auditioning to be a part of ANÚNA.

If you are accepted to Audition you will be required to attend a rehearsal, sing alone and also perform two songs from ANÚNA’s standard repertoire which which will be set based on your voice-type in advance. All music will be from memory.