Eimear Quinn

Eimear joined Anúna in 1995 while studying for her degree in Musicology at Maynooth University. She literally begged Anúna singer, Paul Byrne, to get her a meeting with Micheal, as Anúna (and Michael’s music) was the ultimate in beauty to her. She was asked to do six solos (or it could have been eight?!) on her very first concert in St Patrick’s Cathedral Armagh - to see if she would sink or swim. She was exhilarated!!

“Singing with Anúna was like living in a dream. It was such an immersive experience at an incredibly intense time of my musical development. The influence has been far-reaching and wholly positive”

Although she spent only two years with the group, she recorded two albums and toured extensively with them.

Although her ultimate goal was to be a professional chorister in the UK, another unexpected opportunity was to present itself while singing at the Anúna Christmas Concert in December 1995. In attendance, was the song-writer, Brendan Graham, who upon hearing Eimear perform, asked her to sing his song ‘The Voice’ in the National Song Contest in February 1996. The song ultimately went on the win the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland in Oslo a few months later.

Eimear continues to enjoy a charmed and lucky life as a result of this happy, serendipitous moment; performing for presidents & royalty, composing and producing solo works for voice and various ensembles. She never forgets the moment where her life took an unexpected turn full of adventure, standing on the stage with the wonderful singers and friends of Anúna. She currently lives on the shores of Lake Geneva with her husband and two daughters, and is completing her latest album, featuring the RTÉ Concert Orchestra. She will finally release it during 2019, or die trying.