Jan Kuhar

Bass/Musical Director

Jan began his career as a professional singer at the age of 19 when he joined the Slovenian Philharmonic Choir. He was the founding member of the Slovenian vocal sextet Ingenium and toured all around Europe for nine years with the ensemble. He is completing his bachelor’s degree in singing at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana in the class of the Canadian-Slovenian soprano Theresa Plut.

To pursue his greatest passion, chamber ensemble singing, and to acquire new skills as a singer, he simultaneously enrolled in the master’s degree in Advanced Vocal Ensemble Studies at the Schola Cantorum in Basel with Evelyn Tubb and Tony Rooley, which he completed in April 2018. He regularly performs with internationally acclaimed ensembles, such as the German sextet Singer Pur, the British Voces8 and the Swiss baroque orchestra and vocal ensemble La Cetra. He is a member of the Norwegian Soloists’ Choir.

Jan Kuhar, image Michael McGlynn

Jan Kuhar, image Michael McGlynn

Even though music was an important part of my life from an early age, I only started singing in high school. I was immediately intrigued by the art of ensemble singing and it has been my primary passion ever since. Anúna is inevitably connected to the Irish tradition and a part of our repertoire is comprised of traditional Irish folk songs arranged by Michael. One might think how a foreigner like myself could even comprehend the message that is being delivered to the audience. That is when – to my surprise - I learned some very valuable things.

Anúna is an unusual, very unconventional choir. Not only singing, but being a part of this remarkable story, is about forgetting about yourself and becoming a part of the group. As a professional singer I have sung with various ensembles and choirs but there is something unique I noticed about Anúna – I do not have to worry about the sound I produce as long as it is natural and beautiful. The effect this simple fact has on a singer is incredible. Therefore the sound of Anúna is overwhelmingly sincere.

In Slovenia, singing is a part of our culture, simply a part of us. The music Michael composes and the ensemble sings becomes a part of you as long as you let yourself become a part of it.

That is, I believe, what draws such vast numbers of audiences across the world to Anúna.