Nejc Rudel


I first met Michael when he was adjudicating at the Tolosa Choral Contest in the Basque and we made a musical connection in an instant. In the same way I connected with the music of Anúna and it has changed my life. 

Just close your eyes, push the "play" button and fly away, dive into cold and still water, feel your face being touched by wind  in the mountains beyond the sea.... That's it. You can just feel it. It is this unique music style with its thundering drones and crystalline Anúna voices that take me away to a very peaceful place.

Singing has always been a part of my life - a great part of who I am and the way I feel. In Slovenia, where I come from, we say that the one who sings can't be a bad person and I believe this. I have been very lucky in that I have sung with all the best choirs in Slovenia, but being able to sing with Anúna, work and record together with a living composer, makes this group so different. I cannot compare it to any other in this world.

While I love the music of my homeland, I have a great love deep inside me for the music of Ireland. I never imagined that I would one day record songs in the Irish language with such a great team of singers and such a crazy (in a good way) composer and director like Michael.

Touring with Anúna in China was an amazing experience for me. The concerts were intense and full of emotion, with some nerves and loads of wonderful music to sing.

Anúna is a very special thing in my life, and long may it be so!