Nick Stoppel

Nick Stoppel (Image Nejc Rudel)

Nick Stoppel (Image Nejc Rudel)

Since joining Anuna in 2014 Nick has toured seven countries and performed in over 160 shows. As a professional vocalist he has been a member of the Kansas City Chorale and Simon Carrington’s Chamber Singers. Nick has released two solo albums, Wanderin’ and The Season of Light and is a member of M’ANAM.

I have always drawn a connection between sports and singing.

As a decathlete in college I often found that, with the right focus, one helped the other. Preparing to sing was a lot like preparing for a race, stretching and preparing your entire body to perform. Because we stand in one place for considerable length of time and often move while we sing, in Anúna, you have no choice but to be kinesthetically aware of what is happening on stage and around us at all times.

With this body awareness we find a new level of presence and focus which often translates in the music.

I first met Michael in the winter of 2013, while singing with the Kansas City Chorale. He came to work with us as we prepared a concert of his work. Before leaving, he asked if I’d like to sing with Anúna and my life hasn’t been the same since.

I started singing in the church around 6 years old. In a family of artist's singing wasn't taught, but more just something everyone did. It wasn't long before I realized I was coming back to music not for the singing but the sense of community which is what I found immediately in Anúna. As one of the few American singers in the group the more I let go of the ideas I came with and continued to submerge in the culture of Ireland I found a since of that community. It was then I was able to understand the freeing complexity of Michael's compositions.

Anúna has never been a passive experience. If anything it has taught me to question every action while feeling an overwhelming sense of confidence. Singing in a group with no director on stage leaves no time for passive group singing. In Anúna we all sing together as soloists, acknowledging and reacting to each singers ideas and direction in the moment.

Now comprised of people from all over the world, I am honored to be apart of the legacy that is Anúna