Patrick McGinley

Patrick McGinley (Image Nejc Rudel)

Patrick McGinley (Image Nejc Rudel)

My time in Anúna has been a journey of introspection, self-discovery and growth, and I think this process is fundamental to our philosophy.

The singers come from all walks of life, with different ideas and ways of thinking. We come from every corner of the world. Something that makes Anúna so special is that instead of putting our differences aside to sing, we embrace them. We act as individual travellers moving toward a shared goal, each adding a bit of ourselves to create something beautiful along the way.

Music speaks of emotions as if you felt them with every fibre of your body. It speaks of the gloriously joyful and the devastatingly tragic. To properly connect with a song you have to really think about what you’re singing – what do the words mean? How do you feel about it? You must delve deep into your soul, the deepest part of your being, and contemplate it there.

You must understand it in your own terms, and allow it to become an extension of yourself.