Rebecca Winckworth

Rebecca Winckworth (Image Frances Marshall)

Rebecca’s passion for music was apparent from an early age, with voice, harp and piano emerging as her instruments of choice. She studied classical voice at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, and spent one year training at the prestigious Vocal Academy of Paris. A linguist, and world-traveller, Rebecca speaks several languages and is currently working in Medellín, Colombia on the nexus between Latin American and Irish folk music. Her current album is the culmination of many years touring with Irish music, and reflects her great love for Ireland and Irish tradition.

As a teenager, Rebecca joined ANÚNA with whom she has toured throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. She has recorded on a number of Anúna albums, TV specials, and collaborations, including Sanctus, Christmas with Anúna, and Illuminations. She was part of the ensemble when they sang on the soundtrack of the massively successful Diablo III soundtrack, which has sold over 30 million copies to date.

She has appeared as lead vocalist with shows such as Ragús, Perfect Friction, Celtic Nights, and Titanic Dance, touring across the world. Rebecca performed as special guest soloist on Celtic Woman’s Destiny which was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2017. She represented Ireland in “The World Music Festival” Qinghai, China, sang for 40,000 people at the Saint Patrick’s celebrations in Buenos Aires Argentina, and has presented Irish-Colombian folk fusion concerts across Colombia.

“Joining Anúna was life-changing and opened the doors of the professional music world to me. It gave me the opportunity to understand how musicianship is so much more than simply perfecting a learnt technique. We were constantly challenged as artists in a demanding musical environment. I’ve also made enduring friendships with fellow performers who I now consider as family.

There are no words to describe the magic of Anúna and Michael’s music, and fewer to describe the amount that I grew as a performer and musician thanks to my time in this unique and special group. Anúna’s music transports listeners to another world, and as a singer in the group, I felt it too. Transcendental, other-worldly and profoundly peaceful; creating music with Anúna was such a privilege that I will eternally be grateful for.”