Sorcha Fenlon

Sorcha Fenlon is a Musical Theatre actor and singer and trained at The Irish College of Musical Theatre and Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin.

Sorcha Fenlon (Image Des Foley)

“Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances” - Sanford Meisner

My journey in ANÚNA has been quite special. When I first joined the group in 2016 I thought of myself primarily as a singer. I was studying Classical singing but couldn’t quite figure out what I could bring or contribute to the group - because it was different. Suddenly I realised that ANÚNA was not a choir and not a group of singers but rather an ensemble of highly skilled musicians and artists sharing one experience. So where was I to fit?

I took some time away from ANÚNA as I progressed through my own musical development. Having finished what was, to me, a very regimented Classical training with a huge focus on vocal technique, I followed my heart into Acting and Musical Theatre. I quickly realised that I was not a singer who could act, but an ACTOR who could sing. I had found a freedom in my performance. I had that fire in the pit of my stomach when I could be someone else, tell their story, through song and word. And I so desperately wanted to share and have that same experience singing with ANÚNA. Communication. Music and the telling of the story.

Some of my favourite ANÚNA songs are those set to poetry and stories because together as one breath and as one voice, we inhabit that poem or story and bring it to life. It begins in that moment before our first breath and ends in that moment after our last note. Although these stories, these emotions and words are not our own to tell or feel, it’s in our communication and believing the truths in the words that make it real and what we do, real.

“I wish I sat on my true love’s knee.. many a fond story he told to me. He told me things that ne’er shall be...” - Siúil a Rúin