Sorcha Fenlon

Sorcha Fenlon (Image Michael McGlynn)

Acting is the telling of someone else’s truth. It has to be believed no matter what the setting or circumstance. Acting through song is the same, but for me, emoted and felt on a different and deeper level through the music, the phrases, the lyrics.

Through Musical Theatre, this gives me a chance to explore the life of another person and their emotions. This doesn’t make it any less real or the emotions any way artificial. Just different. As a Musical Theatre performer, I consider myself an Actor who sings rather than a Singer who can act. You have fellow actors who you act and react to and you have this communication together on stage.

Singing with ANÚNA is not as far away from this as might be presumed. When I sing with the group, we share a communication and a relationship on stage. We sing as one voice but to do that, we have to react to what the others are doing. We must breathe together. Our breath is the beginning of our telling of the story. Unlike acting for theatre, the music of ANÚNA allows me to be the story teller and be myself.

There is no character to portray. You share the experience and emotions of the musical phrases and the lyrics together as one voice.